April 27, 2011

Ibiza boat club - Recreational and Sport for people with spetial needs


The Sea Kayak

The kayak is a vessel whose propulsion depends on the body, if it is true that involved further the upper trunk, but what really makes the kayak surf is the clash that occurs between the arm and leg that paleamos transmitting that power, both if we want to go and one or the other if we turn, also involving the hip and spine complete, if we understand that we are in a boat on the sea in which the body is responsible for providing stability ... Then we have a very comprehensive exercise where you have to know a bit to compensate for the lower extremities. Ideal for work balance, laterality coordination and gait initiation.


The town where the surf is of a size bigger so that the issue of balance is less work, but it exists and is of great importance. The body coordination and spatial-temporal coordination is essential. The obligation to be able to hold certain positions help us to work on body awareness.

But sailing a big door opens to the stage of development of more complex operations.Found in navigating the opportunity to work from basic concepts to sensory as we have appointed and eye-hand coordination and relationship and team work, which gives us an inexhaustible discipline for therapeutic work.

In both cases (kayaking and sailing) we find vessels without noise or pollution, only with our expertise, allow us to move on the marine environment.

I wonder if you have ever felt that you feel when you go with the wind. Is difficult to explain, but has a lot to do with the sensation of being part of the world and that is also an important goal for many people with whom we work.


It is an activity that links the specific effects of a beach day. Get rid of excess clothes and feel the sun, sand, breeze and an outside world that comes into contact with our inner world and awareness ... And that's where work begins therapy.Development called active beach games and activities that can be performed in the sand (building games, group collaboration, in recognition of artistic creation, expression body, relaxation exercises, stimulation with sand baths, aloe , clay, psychomotor circuits, etc.)

In this section we include games that can perform on the beachfront, massage, games, tires, acrobatics, etc. We can bring into play many exercises related to psychology, sociology, psychomotor and individual skills and personal interaction exercises. Practices have included them do relate to concepts of whirlpool, bioenergy, acupuncture, breath control, etc, we developed always as simple as possible items.

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April 4, 2011


on-line guide with all the information related to the accessibility and services of spanish beaches.


March 30, 2011

WINERY OSBORNE since 1772 in el Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz)

The Osborne winery in el Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) was founded by Thomas Osborne Mann at the end of the 18th century.

You can discover the history and products of this accessible winery in his website.


The winery has an adapted bathroom and all the ways and entrances are accessibles.
Carretera N IV km. 651 - El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) - Andalucia

http://www.osborne.es - 956.854.228

March 28, 2011

El Soplao a "UNIQUE" cave in Cantabria.

El Soplao is a "UNIQUE" cave situated in Cantabria, in the north of spain.

The quality, whiteness and most of all the abundance of its eccentric or helictite formations are beyond all comparison.

The place is acessible on wheelchair, 90% of the tour is on a gangway accessible on wheelchair (assistance may be required).

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March 23, 2011

COMUNITAT VALENCIANA - Gives you everything

The Region of Valencia offers numerous attractive proposals to get you out and about all year round. Enjoy the Mediterranean nature of inland towns and villages; discover the charming coves and beaches of Alicante’s Costa Blanca; enjoy Benidorm’s intense day and night life; travel from tradition to modernity in Valencia Terra i Mar and dive into the best kept secrets of Castellón Costa Azahar. Wherever you go, the Region of Valencia will surprise you.

This page offers you the best resources and contents in relation to these areas according to the preferences and opinions of our tourism website users.


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